Baranoff Elementary




Baranoff Elementary serves approximately 950 students in grades kindergarten through grade 5.  The staff has planned world class learning experiences for all of our students.  The goal is to provide the best education possible in a warm, supportive, and safe school environment.  With strong support from the outstanding parents and business partners, combined with the excellent faculty, each school year will can be a successful one for all students.

The mission at Baranoff Elementary School is to facilitate the development of productive, socially responsible, life-long learners within a safe and nurturing environment by providing challenges that foster excellence.

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Bailey Middle School




The mission of Gordon A. Bailey Middle School is to educate all students so that they may achieve their maximum intellectual potential.  This will allow them to become productive citizens in an expanding global, technological society.  The school shall provide unique opportunities for students to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and aesthetically. Bailey Middle School provides a supportive atmosphere created in collaboration with Bailey staff, students, parents, business, community, vertical teams, and institutions of higher learning.

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Bowie High School




The mission of Bowie High School is to provide the environment, motivation, and educational opportunities that acknowledge the diversity of students' academic, career and social needs in preparation for individual fulfillment, productive citizenship and the world of work.

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