Board Election Results

Shady Hollow Board Election Results!

Below are the Board of Director election results from last night's Annual Membership Meeting.

2017 Shady Hollow Board Election Results

Number of Votes Cast – 167

Number of Invalid Votes – 7

Total Votes for Each Candidate:

Geoff Lawson – 141

Mike Cain - 134

Ann Weitzman - 123

Gregg Sales - 122

Susan Morey - 115

Mike Wilson - 115

James Elizondo - 102

Jacob Youngblood - 57

Designated Winners:

Geoff Lawson

Mike Cain

Ann Weitzman

Gregg Sales

Susan Morey

Mike Wilson

Write-In's - None

The Board met after the Annual Meeting to nominate and select the Board Officers for the Executive Committee. 

President - Mike Cain

Vice President - Jim Bateman

Treasurer - Geoff Lawson

Secretary - Gregg Sales

Many thanks to those who took the time to vote either by Absentee Ballot or Proxy and those who attended and voted at last night's Annual Membership Meeting.